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PHP & .NET Training
PHP & .NET Training  
SICS(ShahNet Institute Of Computer Studies) is a division of Shah Net Technologies Pvt Ltd, An International Web development and Software Development Company. We are the professional class Training Institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. SICS provides the world class facility at the coaching labs, the institute has state of the art infrastructure, full access to internet for all students, fully loaded computers with High speed Intel powered processors and above all highly educated and experienced training faculty cum programmers. Learning from an experts makes all the difference.

SICS is established to meet the requirements of industry, we want to bridge the gap between what software industry wants from IT professionals and what is being taught in the conventional institutes.

PHP & .NET Training
Our training classes are solely focusing on technology and trends that are highly in demand so when a student completes our course, they won't have to wait for a job, the employers will come and find them. SICS is part of Shah Net Technologies Pvt Ltd, that is offshore software development company, being in the industry we can teach the insights of the technology that is highly in demand through our experienced programmers cum faculty members.
DotNet Courses
Beginners Course for ASP.NET with VB.NET / C#
Advanced Course for ASP.NET with VB.NET / C#
Complete Course for VB.NET with Visual Studio 2008
Advanced Course for .NET with Visual Studio 2008
Language Courses Databases Courses
Beginners Course for JAVA
Advanced Course for Core JAVA
Advanced Course for JAVA
Advanced Course for JAVA Script, VB Script
Beginners Course for ORACLE
Course for Linux
Advanced Course for MS SQL Server
Advanced Course for MySQL
Web Designer
Advanced Web Designer
Animaion Professional
Graphics Designer
MS Office & Internet
Our Training Programs Includes
Coding Standards
Project Documentation
Project Flow Chart
Basic Programming Skills
Research & Development
Project Analysis & Feasibility Study
Fundamentals of Project Life Cycle
Individual & Team Work
Self Testing
Interview Skills
Business English
Client Interaction
Business Etiquettes
Leadership Qualities
Personality Development
Professional Developer
100% job guaranteed professional course
Eligibility & Course Duration 100% Placement Gurarantee
Logical intervention, Basic knowledge in HTML and basics of programming, Internet savvy 20 weeks (3 days x 2 hours per week)
Practical hours are flexible
Course Fees & Payment Method
Please contact us for more details
Introduction to .Net
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
ASP.Net Introduction ASP.Net.
ASP Server Controls
Creating Custom ASP Server User Controls
Introduction to AJAX
Introduction to .Net
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
V.B. Net / C #.Net Introduction
Advance Concepts
Creating & using Crystal Report
Socket Programming with C#
Use of Datagridview, Treeview, Listview
Introduction to .Net
Configuring Your Installation
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Creating PHP Pages using PHP5
V.B. Net / C #.Net Introduction
Using PHP5 with MySQL
Advance Concepts
Using Tables to Display Data
Creating & using Crystal Report
Form Elements: Letting the User Work with Data
Socket Programming with C#
Letting the User Edit the Database
Use of Datagridview, Treeview, Listview
Manipulating and Creating Images with PHP
Asp.Net --Introduction ASP.Net.
Validating User Input
ASP Server Controls
Handling and Avoiding Errors
Creating Custom ASP Server User Controls
Building Databases
Introduction to AJAX
Sending E-mail
User Logins, Profiles and Personalization
Building a Content Management System
Mailing Lists
Online Stores
Creating a Bulletin Board System
Using Log Files to Improve Your Site
VBScript values, names and literals
VBScripts expressions and operators VBScript looping and decision structures
Exploring Objects, Events, Methods and Properties Validating Data using VBscript
Working with Document, Window, Location, History, Navigation, Anchor, Link
Explain the .NET framework structure
Use VS.NET 2008
Explain various concepts in C#
Write programmes in C#
Introduction of C Programming
Different data types, Operators
Use if-else-if statements
Discuss switch statement
Describe and implement loops
Describe array handling in C
Apply pointers in C
Array, user defines function, string Manipulation
Advance Pointers in C
Working with files

Features of object – oriented programming
Classes and objects
Errol Handling-Exception
Inheritance: Extending Classes
Template –STL
Functions-inline, friend, virtual, overloading etc
Sorting and Searching Techniques
Constructors and Destructors
Link List-Singly and doubly
Operator Overloading and Type Conversions
Stack, Queue, recursion
Virtual base class, Polymorphism, virtual function
Binary search, tree search, general search
Managing Console 1/O Operations
Graph Structure-traversal
Working with Files
Fundamental –Using classes & Methods
Interface & Packages
Exception handling
Java class libraries
Input & Output
Multithreaded Programming
Networking – Socket Programming
Applet + Event Handling
AWT – Abstract window toolkit
Java Script
Advance Java
Introduction to Navigator Scripting and Navigator Objects
Advance socket Programming
JavaScript values, names & literals
JDBC – Java Database Connectivity
JavaScript expressions and operators
Servlet –Advance Servlet
Creating JavaScript object model, built-in objects and functions
Java Beans
Tracking mouse events and window events
RMI – Remote Method Invocation I
Working with status bar, date objects, random numbers,
Java Swings I – II
Windows sing functions of JavaScript
Creating arrays, documents, back and forward buttons
Validating forms and Submitting form input
JavaScript objects like links, anchor, button, checkbox, date, document,
elements array, form, frame, hidden, history, location, math, navigator,
password, radio, reset, select, string, submit, text, text area and window.
Introduction to CGI

Microsoft SQL Server
Introducing SQL Server
Basics of Database Design
Building a Database
T-SQL Basics
SELECT Queries
Action Queries
Locking and ShowPlan
Security and SQL Server
Views, Stored Procedures, and Functions
Reporting Services
Advanced Transact-SQL
Notification Services
XML and SQL Server
Reporting Services
SQL Server Integration Services
.NET inside of SQL Server
Analysis Services
SMO and RMO Programming

Introduction to RDBMS-Oracle
Data Type,-Logical & Physical Structure of Oracle
DDL-Data Definition language
DML-Data Manipulation Language
Use of Oracle inbuilt functions
Cluster, indexes, synonyms, sequences other objects
DCL – Data control Language
Introduction PL – SQL
Stored procedure, exceptions, cursor etc
User defines functions, triggers, and packages
Practical problems and solutions
Introduction to Database Administration

What is Silverlight?
Introducing Silverlight
What's New in the .NET Framework 3.5
Animating Silverlight
Deep Zoom
MultiscaleImage Control

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Course introduction
Introduction to SEO
Introduction to SEO
Search Engine Basics
Overview of SEO
Glossary of SEO
Search Engine Relationship Chart Knowledge
Keyword Research
Competitors Research with Details
Competitors Back link Research
SEO Requirements Gathering
Link Popularity development Factor
Title and META Tag Creation
Over View of AdWords and Adsense
On page Optimizations Factor
Link Navigations
Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tag
What is Spamming Tactics?
301 Redirects
Flash and SEO
How to improved your Key Words Density (with on page tactics)
Blog Creation
Off Page Optimizations Factor (including SMO and Traffic boosting tactics, Video Optimization)
Blog Promotions
How to make your site Google Friendly and avoid your sites from Google send Box
How to improved your link popularity in Search Engine
Link Building Strategy with professional Touch
Professional Forum Posting Tactics
Difference between Do Fallow Links and No Fallow Links
Group Posting
Difference of One way, Two way, Three way Link building
Sitemap Creation (sitemap.xml)
Google Webmaster tool Details Over View
SEO Software introduction
Google Analytics Details overview (including improved Traffic boosting Guidance and how to Improve your goal conversion)

Web Designing/Animation
Flash Designer
Planning a website, Information architecture
Website intro & header design using Flash
Website layout creation using Photoshop
Web 2.0 design guideline
Logo design for websites
Basics of JavaScript
Introduction to HTML/CSS
XHTML rules, W3C validation & browser compatibility
HTML tags
Webpage coding using DIV/CSS2
CSS properties
Webpage coding using HTML/CSS

Adobe Flex Developer
Introducing Flex 2.0
Flex Components
Introducing Flex Builder 2.0
Custom Formatter, Validator, and Effect Components
Flex 2.0 Basics
Overview of ActionScripts 3.0
Using Flex Builder 2.0
Data Types and Classes
Programming Languages
Building and Deploying Flex Applications
Building User Interfaces
Debugging and Testing
Customizing the User Interface
Deploying Flex Applications
Flex UI Topics
Using the Cairngorm Framework
Flex Data
Using the Flex-Ajax Bridge
Flex Charting
Using the ActionScript 3.0 Libraries
Data Access
Using Coldfusion/Flex Connectivity
Creating and Extending Flex Components
Rich Media Integration
Flex Component Properties
Integration with External Application

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