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Invoice & QuotationManagement 

This software allows you to create a personal invoice management system and demonstrate it as per you needs. There are many benefits of using invoice management software.
Easy Receipt Creation for Print or e-mail Delivery
Production of Invoice/Receipt Combos Invoice/Receipt Combos (all-in-one)
Invoice Customization
Invoice Branding with Your Logo
Bulk Invoice e-mail Delivery
Adjustable Tax Rate
Worldwide Currency Conversion
Customer Ticket System
Customer Messaging System
Payable & Receivable Reports
Track and Balance Payments
Stock Item-List Management Payable/Receivable Reports
Email Invoices & Receipts to Customer Line-Item Catalog
Available 24 x 7 x 365
Accessible from Anywhere
Highest Security Standards
Saves Office and Mailing Supplies

ClassifiedAds Portal
User Settings
Profile Setup - Business Information - set your company information & financial Information Print Settings - customize and organize your invoice header information using the desired format.
Customer Setup
Find Customer - Search for a customer by company or company code. Also view customer name – email – phone & fax no.
Ticket System – Open new ticket, update ticket status, remove ticket from ticket list & also view list of open ticket

Customer E -Mailer - Automatically collects all your customer email address, Manually remove or add additional email address & also set text direction,

Line-Item Catalog - Build your quick stock list using item ID, description and price information & also search your list using item id or description.
Invoices & Receipts
Create Invoice – the numbering of invoice is auto generated by the system, currency rate is automatically computed, dynamic row adding to the invoice, Tax rate automatically determined by user setup. & you can printed invoice physically or sent to customer via email

Create Receipt – You can select invoice to associate with receipt

Create Invoice/Receipt Combination (w/o customer setup)
Create generic invoice/receipts for various customers without the need for tracking and reporting.
Invoice Report – view invoice list within a specified date range, click an invoice number to view the invoice, report summary, mark multiple invoice & send to customers via email, see print preview & Print

 Receipt Report – view receipt list within a specified date range, click a receipt number to view the receipt. You can also see report summary, Print preview & Print

Customer Report – View invoice and receipt list per specific customer within a specified date range. Click a document number to view the document, you can see report summary, print preview & print it.

Unpaid Invoices Report – view unpaid invoice list per specific customer within a specified date range, click a document number to view the document, you can see report summary & print preview & print

Unbalanced Records – view unbalanced invoices or receipts within a specified date range, click document number to view the document, you can see report summary, mark multiple invoice and send to customer via email. Also see print preview & print
Main Features:
 1.) Simple to use.
 2.) Secure Admin section plus Client login section.
 3.) Add as many clients as needed.
 4.) Add as many invoices for each customer as needed.
 5.) Invoices self total the inputted data.
 6.) You can search through customers or invoices for keywords.
 7.) Keeps track of Payments you receive from customers.
 8.) Automatic Email Paid Invoice system you can turn on or off.
 9.) You or client can create a clean invoice for printing.
10.) 10 separate Items per Invoice plus misc., shipping etc...
11.) Support forum for questions about script.
12.) PayPal Payments you can turn on or off.
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