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Technologies - CSCart


CS-Cart is an "out of the box" ecommerce software solution with easy-to-use functionality that allows to start selling online immediately. Its feature set fits into businesses of any size, from a small single-product shop to a fully-featured online storefront.

Designed for ease of use along with flexibility, CS-Cart is equipped with the latest ecommerce innovations (like one-page checkout, AJAX-based web interface, block manager and others) built into a highly configurable and modifiable sales and promotion engine.
Technologies - CSCart

Ecommerce shopping cart solution is made for:
CSCart Store owners who need an affordable, ready-made ecommerce software solution with numerous built-in features
CSCart Web designers and developers looking for a flexible PHP shopping cart platform which can be used for building custom online stores
CSCart Web studios, hosting firms, Internet Service Providers and other types of online companies willing to purchase software licenses at bulk prices in order to offer an ecommerce solution to their clients.
Key features and advantages of CS-Cart
Integrated systems

CS-Cart has built-in support for a majority of popular payment systems and shipping providers such as Google Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.Net, FedEx, USPS and many others. It can be connected to any of these systems without any difficulty.
Cs-Cart Technologies
For store owners:
Cs-Cart Technologies Fast deployment allowing to get your store up and running in a blink
Cs-Cart Technologies A simple, quick step-by-step installation process via an easy-to-follow web-based wizard (with only minimal level of technical knowledge required)
Cs-Cart Technologies SEO-friendly shopping cart bundled with numerous marketing functions: affiliate system, promotions engine, gift certificates and more
Cs-Cart Technologies Support for a majority of popular payment gateways and shipping carriers
Cs-Cart Technologies Numerous cutting-edge ecommerce software features and functions (which other shopping carts may charge extra for) built-in by default
Cs-Cart Technologies Rich set of information resources, including software manual, knowledge base, FAQ and community forums

For designers:
Cs-Cart Technologies Over 40 alternative skins (templates) to choose from Cs-Cart Technologies Seamless integration into an existing web site
Cs-Cart Technologies Easy integration of existing design Cs-Cart Technologies Powerful template system based on Smarty
Cs-Cart Technologies Valid source code fully compliant with W3C standards

For developers:
Cs-Cart Technologies Built using open source technologies supported by most of hosting providers: PHP, MySQL, Smarty
Cs-Cart Technologies Completely open source code available without any encryption (so you could completely customize your ecommerce store and fit its structure to your business)
Cs-Cart Technologies Flexible, modular architecture providing the ability to modify software functionality without any (or with minimum) alteration of the existing program code

For partners and Internet companies:
Cs-Cart Technologies Qualified design, development, technical support and installation services directly from the software manufacturer
Cs-Cart Technologies Reseller program with software licenses available at significant discounts

Shopping cart software overview
Cs-Cart Technologies For a quick introduction, below we present some of the best shopping cart software features available in CS-Cart. While all of these tools are very powerful and provide a lot of opportunities, your store can still be maintained with ease and will not require great learning efforts.
Cs-Cart Technologies Therefore, you are likely to be interested in trying the software in action. And, by all means, we encourage you to do so. You may either immediately browse through online demo or download a free, fully-functional trial version and maintain it for two months directly on your server without any restrictions.

Highlights of CS-Cart:
Cs-Cart Technologies Extensive use of AJAX
Cs-Cart Technologies AJAX technologies allow to considerably reduce traffic and optimize speed by updating a part of the page without its full reloading.
Cs-Cart Technologies One-page checkout
Cs-Cart Technologies The one-page checkout feature enables to go through the checkout on a single page and makes ordering process quick and intuitive.
Cs-Cart Technologies Inventory tracking
Cs-Cart Technologies Automated inventory tracking makes the stock control process much easier. Each product can be tracked with or without options.
Cs-Cart Technologies Promotion options
Cs-Cart Technologies Promotions is an effective marketing tool to increase sales and interest your customers. The idea is simple, you just define certain conditions, meeting which, a customer gets a bonus.
Cs-Cart Technologies Gift Certificates
Cs-Cart Technologies Gift Certificates system allows to purchase and redeem either email type or postal type gift certificates. And thanks to a variety of options, you can easily manage the process and be in total control of it.
Cs-Cart Technologies Return Management
Availability of return management system increases confidence in your store and makes your business more competitive. A flexible return policy will satisfy both you and various groups of customers.
Cs-Cart Technologies Gift Registry
Cs-Cart Technologies Gift Registry enables customers to inform their friends and relatives of events or occasions in their lives (e.g. weddings, birthdays) and get the presents they want.
Cs-Cart Technologies Block manager
Cs-Cart Technologies Block manager is intended for creating additional information blocks and special lists like Bestsellers, Related products and Featured products allowing to draw attention to a greater number of catalog items.
Cs-Cart Technologies 50+ payment gateways
Cs-Cart Technologies CS-Cart is integrated with more than 50 payment gateways (including both credit card processors and payment systems) out of the box.
Cs-Cart Technologies Real-time shipping rates
Cs-Cart Technologies Our shopping cart software supports all major shipping providers: FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, DHL and Intershipper.
Cs-Cart Technologies Besides, you can offer not only real-time shipping rates but also customized ones.
Cs-Cart Technologies Flexible tax rate system
Cs-Cart Technologies Full tax support allows to set up taxes in different ways and apply them to shipping methods or certain products, also they can be configured to depend on either shipping address or billing address.
Cs-Cart Technologies Built-in affiliate system
Cs-Cart Technologies Built-in affiliate system allows to build mutually beneficial partnership with your affiliates and thus advertise your products on other web sites with no third-party software required.
Cs-Cart Technologies Statistics add-on
Cs-Cart Technologies Covering different aspects of store attendance, the statistics add-on makes it much easier to control the store. This enables to see, for example, the most frequently searched products or popular browsers among your visitors.
Cs-Cart Technologies Extended import/export
Cs-Cart Technologies With the improved import/export functionality you have a chance to transfer data about languages, orders, products or users separately. You can even select the fields that a CSV file will contain.
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