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HotelBooking System 

Optimizes the potential of your website
While going through the online Internet for hotel rooms, potential guests are searching for hotels which present the speed and expediency of a one-stop availability check, immediate booking and confirmation. The Online Hotel Booking System software facilitates guests visiting your website to do exactly this, confirming their rooms in 'real-time'. They book them instantly, without worrying about time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your reservations staff.

Keeps your guest on your own website while making a booking
Most systems take the users out of your site and into theirs! With Online Hotel Booking System users are kept within your site at all times. The branding you have invested so much in is improved, not diminshed, by means of Online Hotel Booking System compared to every other competitor. The Online Hotel Booking System can be customized to have the look and feel of your web site, and to communicate your property's definite terms of the reservation and much more.

Validates credit card numbers at time of booking
Most systems do not confirm the guest credit card number. Online Hotel Booking System make use of precise algorithms to confirm the credit card number at the time of booking consequently ensuring that the booking is a authentic booking thus severely reducing the number of no-shows that could result with other systems.
HotelBooking System
Provides a detailed booking
Confirmation to hotel guests
There are several systems that offers a basic and often unsatisfactory confirmation to guests thus helping them to have to contact the hotel to elucidate some aspects of their booking. Online Hotel Booking System offers a complete confirmation, which leaves the guests in no doubt as to the details of their booking.

Notification to hotel administrators
Many systems offers a fundamental and often unacceptable notification to administrators thus obliging them to have to contact the guests to clarify some aspects of the booking. Online Hotel Booking System offers a comprehensive notification, which leaves the administrators in no doubt as to the information of booking.

Keeps it quick and easy so that no special software or downloads are required for a customer in order to make a booking.

Some systems insist that your guest have specialised software installed on their computer in order to make a booking. Many computers do not have the software and users are forced to download it. Online Hotel Booking System keeps it rapid and easy.

Provides an easy to use administration panel to hotel administrators
Many systems offer complex administrative panels. With its pleasant administrative panels, Online Hotel Booking System maintains the things fast and simple.

Saves precious time, and cuts costs

Accessibility checks and immediate confirmations get rid of email exchanges between guests and your reservations department. Precious reservations staff time is saved as reservation requests will no longer have to be processed. Guests can check ease of use and book instantly, thus closing a booking without having to wait for your reservations staff to verify a room by email.

Easy update rates, accessibility, minimum stay, etc directly on your website
With Online Hotel Booking System you no longer have to ask your website designer to revise rates, rooms availability, etc, featured on your website. You can have the facility of updating yourself in the Online Hotel Booking System "administration panel".

Reliability and efficiency

Guests come across the Online Hotel Booking System easy to understand, with organized screens and prompts. Hotel administrators enjoys using the "administration panel" of Online Hotel Booking System and have praised us on its simplicity. Reservations staff loves the auto-generated emails each time a guest makes a reservation on the system - it saves them so much time!

No third party involvement
You gather all guest payments; you enter your own room descriptions, room facilities, room rates, provisions, etc, into the Online Hotel Booking System; you can update all data on the Internet, 24 hours a day.

Stay ahead of your competitors
With the growing development towards Internet-based hotel bookings across the industry, online hotel bookings from websites are rising radically. For instance, ehotelier reports that "annual bookings are expected to reach $7.7 billion by 2006, double the predict for 2002 & quot. Online Hotel Booking System ensures that you are at the front position of this industry bookings trend.


The following needs relate to code installations only. Online Hotel Booking System is a web-based application designed to run on a PHP/MySQL/Apache server. This can either be your own server, or a hosted account.

For the best outcome and compatibility, we suuggest using PHP/MySQL/Apache Server on a Unix based platform. In case having any questions about server setup or installation, feel free to contact us.

Server Requirements
Operating Systems : Win98 / NT / 2000 / XP / Linux / Solaris / HP-UX
Server : Apache (with dynamic loading at run-time of PHP extensions or IonCube support)
Server Side : PHP (builds compatible with the standard API)
Database : MySQL
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