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Technologies - Drupal Development


What Is Drupal?
Drupal has wide ranging applications as it is used as a back-end system for many different types of websites, ranging from small personal blogs to large corporate and political sites. It is a free and open source modular framework and Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP that allows individual or community to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website.

Drupal is beneficial to both Developer as well as the end user since is easy to use and has a modular and stable architecture. Drupal has advantages of a very active community which is often the reason why more and more developers are choosing Drupal over other comparable Open source CMS.

Technologies - Drupal Development
Websites that can be build with Drupal
Technologies - Drupal Development Community web portals Technologies - Drupal Development Aficionado sites
Technologies - Drupal Development Discussion sites Technologies - Drupal Development E-commerce applications
Technologies - Drupal Development Corporate web sites Technologies - Drupal Development Resource directories
Technologies - Drupal Development Intranet applications Technologies - Drupal Development Social Networking sites
Technologies - Drupal Development Personal web sites or blogs
Drupal has the following benefits:
1. Modular and Extensible
2. Quality Coding
3. Standards based
4. Collaboration
5. Low Resource Demands
Drupal Features and Functionalities
Technologies - Drupal Development Post, revise, and categorize content
Technologies - Drupal Development Conduct searches on internal site content
Technologies - Drupal Development Post comments
Technologies - Drupal Development Take part in forums
Technologies - Drupal Development Vote in polls
Technologies - Drupal Development Work on collaborative writing projects
Technologies - Drupal Development Post and view personal profiles
Technologies - Drupal Development Communicate among themselves or with the managers of a site
Technologies - Drupal Development Change the look of a site with off-the-shelf or custom-made themes
Technologies - Drupal Development Build multi-level menus
Technologies - Drupal Development Provide users with an interface in their local language
Technologies - Drupal Development Provide RSS feeds
Technologies - Drupal Development Aggregate content from the RSS feeds of other sites
Technologies - Drupal Development Register and manage user accounts
Technologies - Drupal Development Assign fine-grained user roles, granting users permission to use selected features of a site
Technologies - Drupal Development Use access rules to deny site access to specified usernames, e-mail addresses, and IP addresses
Technologies - Drupal Development Provide statistics and reports for administrator
Technologies - Drupal Development Manage caching and throttling to improve how a site performs in heavy traffic
Technologies - Drupal Development Construct and specify various input filters and content types
Technologies - Drupal Development Generate easy-to-remember URLs that can also be more easily interpreted by search engines "Clean Urls" are possible by default on most servers, but some may require special configuration.

Why Choose Shah Net Technologies?
We have skilled and professional developers / programmers for Drupal development work having more than 3 years of experience in PHP. Our developers have customized and integrated Drupal on many corporate websites and due to its prominence most of the clients prefer Drupal (CMS). We have a team of Drupal designers to design Drupal themes and free templates.

Our customized CS-Cart Design & Layout Features
Technologies - Drupal Development 100% template driven storefront, affiliate area and admin panel
Technologies - Drupal Development Easy integration to match current design
Technologies - Drupal Development Fully customizable design & layout
Technologies - Drupal Development Extensive usage of AJAX technologies, minimizing screen refreshes
Technologies - Drupal Development Category/product thumbnails and detailed images
Technologies - Drupal Development One-page checkout
Technologies - Drupal Development List mania
Technologies - Drupal Development Catalog page
Technologies - Drupal Development Mini-cart presence on all pages
Technologies - Drupal Development Addition of custom content pages via administrator interface
Technologies - Drupal Development Built-in template editor
Technologies - Drupal Development Changing storefront and admin logos via administrator interface
Technologies - Drupal Development Debug console: displays a tree of templates for all pages We can develop community web portals, discussion sites, business websites, intranet applications, personal web sites or blogs, e-commerce applications, resource directories, social networking sites in Drupal

Our Key Service Areas in Drupal
Drupal Design Integration
Your company's website reflects the image and vision of the company to your potential customers. If your website is not attracting, having less traffic and producing fewer results, then the problem might be with its design. The base of any website is its layout. The layout should always be attractive. ShahNet is your solution. ShahNet is specialized in developing user-friendly as well as attractive websites based on the requirements of its clients.

Our designs take into consideration the strategic objective of the company. We also make sure that the website is ranked highly in all major search engines to give our clients maximum exposure and help them in establishing an effective web presence.

Our design process begins by consulting the client on their goals for the site, as well as any design ideas they may have. We then present a design proposal to the client, and tweak it with them until it is finalized. Once the layout is prepared we convert it into a functional, standards-compliant Drupal theme. Our designs reflect your corporate identity. We will start our service by consulting you and collecting all information like photographs, graphics and use all the things to create your layout design.

Drupal custom templates and themes development
ShahNet has comprehensive experience in creating customized Drupal themes according to client requirements. We are one of the largest Drupal theme development houses in the world and have developed many themes for our clients.

An attractive theme will have a good chance of giving a better impression on a first time visitor of a website. One of the greatest things about the Drupal CMS is that it can support any look you want it to in a just click of a button. Themes/designs are a very unique part of a web site. It has to be given a good impact.

The process of Theme Development involves briefing of design specification by the client. Once the layout is confirmed, the design is coded to XHTML/CSS, and finally the design is converted into an actual Drupal theme. This process ensures both that the original client specifications are met, and that the design results in a standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible theme.

Drupal custom modules and components development

Drupal has so many In-Built modules available. Sometimes this exist modules does not fulfill the clients needs. To resolve this problem ShahNet specializes in the customization of Drupal modules according to requirements collected from the client. Customization might involve modifying existing modules to suit the needs of the client, or developing totally new modules.

can also organize content management work flow if a client has specific requirements, using a custom configured module to make the management of your site pain-free. When the modules are developed, coding standards of drupal are taken care into consideration. We are also working on latest technologies like Jquery, AJAX, AJAH etc. during module developement.

Sometimes the existing library of Drupal software doesn't meet a client's exact needs. In this case, we offer Drupal module development services. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, we may be able to improve on an existing module and submit those changes back to the Drupal source code repository in open-source fashion.

Drupal website maintenance

Our efforts include redesigning of the site with new theme as well as implementing some of the new features in the site. We make sure that your CMS Drupal Install is up to date, the new point versions are updated, security updates, the theme updated are added and last but not the least the modules are updated well.

By implementing the different requirements set by the client, we assure that the enhancements have been added to the existing Drupal site, followed by that a secured environment is created. If you want to change the site complete look, the maintenance department can handle your request by adding some new features related to the theme. Similarly enhancements on the website are also taken care of.

Hence, ShahNet completes the website fulfilling and all necessary requirements asked by the client and we offer site maintenance services, either to solve a problem you are dealing with or simply to provide scheduled maintenance.

Drupal website SEO
A great website is useless if nobody can find it. The practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is concerned with increasing a site's ranking in major search engines for maximum visibility. ShahNet employs a variety of SEO techniques to help improve your site's visibility and increase web traffic.

It helps to create more sales for your business by getting you more visitors through better and higher search engine ranking. In simple words SEO is a process of bringing your website in the top ranking of Search Engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN) for a strategically defined set of keywords. SEO makes your website more visible on the internet which helps in capturing more global visitors & prospective clients. Basically SEO is one of the important structured methods of Search Engine Marketing / Internet Marketing.

Better Visibility in the Global Marketplace
Bring you results in terms of increase in visitors / prospective clients / business enquiries
Cost-effective with High Return of Investment (ROI) than any comparable form of marketing
Round the clock Global marketing of your products / Services
Easier web site navigation and usability
Increases brand visibility

Migration to Drupal Site
People are finding it increasingly difficult to migrate to their site to a more stable and module Drupal. Migrating a website to Drupal would help you in more than one ways, one that you get to use all the features that are in-built in Drupal and other is that you have a much bigger and stable system at your disposal. We specialize in migration of all the data from the client site to the new Drupal based site and even upgrades sites from the older version of Drupal to the latest version. Working at a Web development firm, we have done many migration projects and successfully built many web sites for our clients based on Drupal.

Drupal Version Upgrade
We specialize in upgrading sites from the older version of Drupal to the latest version. Upgrades are necessary because now Drupal is very popular and Drupal sites are also SEO friendly which gives more visitors and business to the site. We make sure that the upgrade goes smooth. The reason why upgrade is necessary is that every few months, a new version of Drupal is released. We upgrade the latest version in order to fix security issues and take advantage of many new features. After the process we check whether the contributed modules we rely on have been upgraded or not because the old versions of modules do not run on an upgraded version of Drupal. (e.g. 4.7 modules do not work on a Drupal 5.x site).

When the upgrading process is going on we take care that all database and the existing site have a back up, followed by that we download and unzip the new Drupal files to the server and late on run the update.php script, which updates your database.
For further queries on drupal development please feel free to contact us at sales@shahnet.com or request a quote. You can also contact us on our 24/7 chat ids.
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