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SchoolManagement Software 

What is School Management System?
School Management System to be designed will be a web based application a total school management system using object-oriented multi-tier architectures that can be imagined. The first truly scalable, windows-based school management web based solution with the power to revolutionize the way that school can run.

School Management System will be designed to improve the way the school is managed and a step ahead to wards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration. School Management Solution has the entire functionality required for any educational institution.  It is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, Parents. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office administration: - time table – examination - student information – certification – reports generation - result generation, fee counter, library, canteen, pay roll, vendor, accounts, inventory  and so on. The system helps educators to manage, analyze and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. It is a complete solution for management of educational institutions, covering all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, accounting and key academic activities. It centralizes the complete data and automates all the routing educational institutes’ functions.
SchoolManagement Software
The key to success of the school management system is the central data storage structure which helps the administrative staff to access student data in each and every module, hence data entry is done once and it is used at all places, more over due to the central store of data redundancy is removed and 100 % correct data is available to the administrative staff at any point of time. The school management system automates most of day to day task and hence increases the productivity and performance of the administrative staff which leads to better valued image of the school before the parents and society.

Why School Management System (ERP)?
The biggest question is why does school require an ERP?? They are not corporate which do require ERP for better management of the resources. The corporate are the Multi National Companies which have resources spread in multiple companies and so they require to effectively manage their resources effectively. So the question still remains unanswered why do we require a ERP for the school. The answer to this question is very simple – Like “Multi National Company“ a school is also a organization which has lot of resources spread up in all direction – namely student, teachers, administrative staff, clerks, school premises. For an effective and proper management of the school management of all this resources is highly important. For proper management of any institute it is very important to have a very well advance plan of – How to utilize the resources. The School Management System – ERP provides that platform which facilitates in effective management of the school. The central management of the school is very important as it removes the redundant tasks that are carried at the institution. The central data storage leads to easy access of data at all departments which removes the redundant administrative tasks of generating the data when ever required as the data is ready for use instead of building  the data every time it is required.

Key Features of School Management System
TourismPortal Automation of School Office Administration.
TourismPortal Connects all Education Stakeholders Administrator, Teachers, Students and Parents.
TourismPortal Central secure database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information
TourismPortal Student information management system with SMS integration for sending various SMS alerts
TourismPortal Fully fledged Library Management System.
TourismPortal Fees Management – Printing fee receipts, generating reports, sms parents for fees dues.
TourismPortal It provides a means to automatically prepare all certificates (e.g. bonafide, leaving certificate).
TourismPortal Time Table Management
TourismPortal Staff Payroll Management – (Automated generation of cheques).
TourismPortal Vendor Management. (Maintain a list of vendor and quotation provided by them)
TourismPortal Complete Accounts Management System.
TourismPortal Canteen Management.
TourismPortal Student feedback system (Feedback of the students about the subject, teaching, etc).
TourismPortal Attendance Management.
  TourismPortal Student Attendance.
TourismPortal Staff Attendance.
TourismPortal Customized Report Generation
TourismPortal Complaint Section / Query Section.
TourismPortal Staff / Student ID card Management System.
TourismPortal E – Reporting / E – Result System.
TourismPortal Inventory Management System.
TourismPortal Back Up facility for disaster management.
TourismPortal Preparation of Annual Confidential Report
TourismPortal Generates different types of reports graphs and charts
TourismPortal Exam result, student performance, fees due dates to parents.

Modules of School Management System

TourismPortal ADMISSION
  TourismPortal The module manages the registration and admission process of both new and the old students. Fully integrated with the accounts section, this module allows admission and registration manageable and removes complications arising from human errors.
TourismPortal Old and new students are automatically treated differently based on the pre provided information.

  TourismPortal The Student Records Management module enables effective management of comprehensive records on each student such as student personal particulars along with Photograph, attendance, co-curriculum activities, achievement, discipline, previous school information, school leaving information and parent/guardian. The system will eliminate duplicate effort on numerous manual processes and paperwork.

TourismPortal ATTENDENCE
  TourismPortal Attendance section plays different roles for Students and Employees. Student’s attendance details act as a tool to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of repetitive or long absences.
TourismPortal Employee attendances are used in conjunction with the payroll module to automatically implement the leave policies. Various types of leaves are available that may be marked for employees. Details of available as well as availed leaves are also available for each employee. The system also assists the user and restricts the user from assigning more than the prescribed number of leaves.

  TourismPortal The Fee Module of is the one of the most automated fee calculation module available in the market. Apart from being automated it is, at the same time, flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the institutions come across. Fee calculation is done on the basis of Category selected for the student.
TourismPortal The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user is also provided the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle fee whichever applicable.
  TourismPortal The module enables effective management of Fee records of each student. User-defined fee structure and category can be maintained. Automated bill generation option enhances the system dependability. Fee Receipt can be accepted by the system with few mouse clicks. At any point of time user can check collections made and outstanding with single click.

  TourismPortal The E-Report Card module allows user to handle automatic grading of exam marks. Print student report card, exam results analysis by class, subject and much more. In addition, the grading system functions allows user to define alpha and numeric grades. User-defined terms for exams can be maintained. This modules is designed on the basis of CBSE’s CCE (Continuous and comprehensive evaluation), which includes Scholastic and Co- Scholastic based evaluation.

TourismPortal LIBRARY
  TourismPortal The Library module enables effective management of School Library. With a single click books can be allotted and you can keep check on limits like No of books to be issued, Value of books that can be issued to Students/Staff. It allows various features like reservation of books, books searching, obsolete / spoil books, Library members report, fine collection report, Daily issue register, Accession Register with various conditions

TourismPortal INVENTORY
  TourismPortal All the schools' consumables as well as durables can be managed through this module and the same can easily be sorted. Appropriate reports regarding the issue of the stock items to the employee is available. Consumption summary can be deduced and efforts may be made to make the consumption more and more efficient.
TourismPortal Over time, we can have annual reports on the consumption and cost factors of the items in inventory.
  TourismPortal Such a record of the inventory also imparts a sense of accountability on the in charge/supervisor of the use of all such items.

  TourismPortal The Integrated Accounting Package allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers. Integrated with fee module, the accounts module automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate accounts heads.
TourismPortal Apart from this, the user is not restricted with only automatically posting but the generic accounting processes are also available as in most popular accounting packages.
  TourismPortal The Financial Accounting module enables effective management of complete accounts of School. All type of vouchers can be entered from single voucher entry screen. Bird’s view (zooming) feature makes it more users friendly. All reports like Ledger, Bank/Cash Book, Journal, Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet are available with single click

  TourismPortal A fully functional payroll management system is integrated into the software ease the burden on HR department. The payroll module is fully compliant with the rules as laid down by Law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances are also configurable as per the user requirements..
TourismPortal The payroll module is capable of calculating the working days, payable amount, deductions etc. Various reports are also available to assist the management in calculating the expenses on salary as well as reports needed for departmental processes like PF forms/Challans etc.
  TourismPortal The Staff Records Management module allows user to store academic and non-academic staff info such as personal details, pay band details, grade pay details, Date of appointment/confirmation/retirement, PAN, PF A/c No. Every month Salary Calculation sheet can be generated. You can generate various reports like List of employees, PF/ESIC summary report, Form 16, Loan register etc To ensure consistency in storing of standard data for easy and meaningful viewing, function are provided for user to define standard code and descriptions and information such as staff grade/job title, additional duties and positions.

TourismPortal USER ACCESS
  TourismPortal With robust and flexible security features, user access to each of the modules is based on the user role (s) as defined in the system. In addition, functions that could be performed by each user role can be easily defined. An appointed System Administrator maintains an audit log that shows records of all access to your database in the system for viewing.

  TourismPortal This module will enable the System Administrator to perform system and database backup/restore functions. The System Administrator may view the Audit Log, which records all users’ access to the database. An event log that captures unsuccessful or unauthorized logon to the system is also available.

  TourismPortal This module allows user to keep records of timetables for the classes in the school. User may different templates to suit multiple teaching sessions at the school.
TourismPortal All the class’s timetables are maintained in the system, each staff timetable with information such as subjects taught and free periods could easily be viewed or printed as and when required. By referring to the free period (s) for a selected group of staff, difficulty in finding the right time for a meeting time is a thing of the past. Sit-In can also be easily managed with immediate information on any staff that has free periods.

TourismPortal SMS
  TourismPortal This is most powerful module which connects parents with school with a single click. Any information (generalized/personalized), which is to be given to parents, can be send via SMS on their Mobiles. Fee Reminder, Student absent information, Cheque dishonored information, General Information also can be given by SMS.

  TourismPortal The system allows you to print students and staff ID cards. Information such as student name, student number and class that are automatically extracted from the student records will be printed on the student ID card. Whereas for staff, the staff name, staff number and job title/grade can be printed on staff ID card.

  TourismPortal With the entire relevant student data stored in the system, a student Leaving Certificate and Bonafide could be printed just by a click of mouse.

TourismPortal REPORTS
  TourismPortal The Report Module is the vital module of School Management System which generates numerous reports that includes fee details, administration, library, student details, employee’s details and many more. Data navigates through all modules and the desired reports can be generated by a button click.

TourismPortal CANTEEN
  TourismPortal The canteen module will deal with the accounting, inventory management and the stuff related to canteen management.

  TourismPortal The vendor management module will be used to manage the list of all the quotation received till date and the contracts awarded till date. It will be a important tool for the future purchase of any item needed by school as the staff can study the prior purchases done.

  TourismPortal The student / parent feedback system is a system that is used by the administrative staff for getting feedback and reviews from the student related to a subject, topics covered in the subject and teachers. It will help them design the course, feedback related to teachers behavior and also student interest in the subject.

Advantages of the System
TourismPortal Manual effort is reduced and speedy and accurate reports are generated.
TourismPortal Data security is maintained on a departmental level.
TourismPortal High degree of security and safety according to international standards.
TourismPortal High degree of transparency of the institution through the Web.
TourismPortal Better co-ordination between departments.
TourismPortal Student conveniences extended beyond the classroom.
TourismPortal Overall reduction of operating costs; and savings on time and efforts.
TourismPortal Easy to learn, use and implement.
TourismPortal A good marketing tool.
TourismPortal Highly streamlined and effective workflow of administration and academia.
TourismPortal Workload on entire staff, administration, clerical and teaching is heavily reduced.
TourismPortal Over time a knowledge base will be built-up which will be extremely useful for the management in future.
TourismPortal Does a total re-engineering of the administrative mechanism.
TourismPortal Ensures greater efficiency.
TourismPortal Integration of administrative functions.
TourismPortal Better quality of service.
TourismPortal User level access rights are implemented so that users without sufficient rights will not be able to access the system, thereby increasing the security.
TourismPortal Single Point School Management Software.
TourismPortal Zero redundancy in managing the entire institutions records.
TourismPortal Complete online and offline functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system.
TourismPortal Achieve global outlook and exposure for the institute and its constituents.
TourismPortal Save man hrs and money in lots of communication aspects.
TourismPortal Save man hrs in managing information with automation.
TourismPortal Get connected to parents and alumni in an effective manner.
TourismPortal Single software handing everything saves a lots of investment in different software and management issues.
TourismPortal Things like HTML enhanced e-mail system on institutes web site act as an effective brand building tool.
TourismPortal Better informed decision making for management.
TourismPortal Total Cost-Control (expenditure and income).
TourismPortal All departments are linked through the central database.
TourismPortal Inter-departmental paper based transactions become a thing of the past.
TourismPortal Parents have access to all academic information about their wards through the internet. 

Hardware Requirements for the system
One Entry Level Desktop Server HP ProLiant ML Servers.. Intel® Xeon® 8 GB RAM, Hot plug 3.5-inch SATA 500 GB cost around Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/-
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